What's inside:

End User Agreements for Moxi® Products

These agreements provide the terms and conditions that govern the use of Moxi® Software and Moxi® Services:

Moxi Privacy Policies & California Privacy Rights Statement

ARRIS may collect and receive information from you through its websites as well as through the Moxi Service. Because your information is important to us, we have developed two different privacy policies; one for our websites and one for the Moxi Services. Additionally, we have provided your California Privacy Rights Statement.

30–Day Money Back Guarantee & Limited Warranty

We stand behind our Moxi hardware products. Here are our 30–day money–back guarantee and our warranty, including return procedures, limitations and exclusions:

Moxi® Advisory Information (Dec. 1, 2009)
30–Day Money Back Guarantee (April 8, 2009)
Limited Warranty (Dec. 1, 2008)
Remote Control Warranty (Dec. 1, 2008)

Third Party Proprietary Rights Notices

Our websites (www.arris.com and www.moxi.com) and the Moxi Products, Software and Services use certain third party trademarks, logos, technology and content. This Third Party Proprietary Rights Notices document summarizes the third party proprietary notices applicable to each of these. For more Moxi product specific third party notices, please review the applicable Moxi Product Information referenced above.

Open Source Notice

ARRIS is a participant in and contributor to the open source community. Certain components of the Moxi software are subject to the GNU General Public License ("GPL") or other so–called open source licenses. Such components are provided as part of ARRIS’ Moxi software subject to such open source license terms, as set out in the following documents:

Open Source Software Contributors and Additional Open Source Provisions
GNU General Public License v2

In compliance with the terms of such licenses, ARRIS’ modifications to the Open Source Software that must be published for public access are available for download at http://www.arris.com/solutions/moxi/tech/index.asp.